Audience envisaged

Italy Crowd welcomes and analyzes all those types of projects that can guarantee interests to investors and generate fresh capital for proponents, whether they are construction companies, public bodies, project developers or real estate agencies.

Proponents can use crowdfunding not only as an alternative financing tool, but also as a means of aggregation and consent of the people and communities that will benefit from the proposed projects.

Why choose Italy Crowd?

Tailor made loan

Based on the real estate initiative you intend to promote to raise capital, our group is able to recommend multiple solutions.

Priviledged channels

By launching a real estate crowdfunding round on Italy Crowd, you will be able to obtain great visibility on privileged channels, such as those of traditional finance or fintech, alternative investments and high-profile real estate sector. As well as get in touch with investor users.


Italy Crowd has been the first to introduce real estate crowdfunding in Italy. Today it has even more innovative processes and the transparency of the blockchain technology. Through lending, the desired loan can be reached quickly and easily.

Great visibility

Through targeted communication campaign, on traditional and online media, Italy Crowd’s portal promotes your real estate initiative and consequently elevates your brand to a higher level.

Selected investors

By making use of our group, you will be able to offer to certain investors, selected by us, particular investment solutions in order to allow them the possible purchase of the property itself.

Blockchain certification

Thanks to the blockchain technology, all the data will be traced and unchangeable, ensuring, both the proponents and the investor, a guaranty of transparency.