Minimum investment 490€
Capital collected
di 25.000€
Max 100.000€
DAL 10 % AL 15 % Annual Return
12 MONTHS Investment duration
COMMON.FROM € 490 10 %
COMMON.FROM € 980 11 %
COMMON.FROM € 2000 12 %
COMMON.FROM € 5000 13 %
COMMON.FROM € 10000 15 %

The Project


Sandano Real Estate Srls has already closed 5 successful transactions with us, among these 2 in Padua which is its area of ​​greatest competence, returning the capital to the Investors ahead of schedule (while leaving the entire ROI to the investors ).

In the 7th Italian Crowdfunding Report prepared by Politecnico di Milano, Michael Sandano is featured as a virtuous example of how, through lending and a commitment to professionalism, a real estate venture can grow and generate profits for its supporters. We consider this operation to be highly interesting for those who wish to invest and place their trust in a Promoter who has turned "full and final settlement" into a successful method, which is now also reflected in the EXDEBITO. Numero Verde: 800-810.009.

Before investing, please review the DOCUMENTS and read the General Contract.


The proposed real estate operation, as is customary for Sandano Real Estate Srls, involves the acquisition of the property through a pre-defined negotiation with the creditor bank and the immediate removal of the mortgage for subsequent resale on the open market.

The 104 sqm property doesn’t require significant renovations, and therefore, a slight modernization is planned, including laminate flooring installation, refurbishment of the second bathroom, repainting, window replacement, and electrical system renovation. The property also includes a 16 sqm garage and an outdoor parking space. Given the location and the sale price below €200,000.00, a quick sale on paper is anticipated.


The apartment is located in the residential district of Camin in Padua, an area that connects central Padua and the areas of the Brenta Riviera in Venice.

The Camin district is widely covered by all the main services and the ease of reaching the center of Padua makes it the ideal location for families as they can enjoy all the comforts without suffering the disadvantages of the full centre.

The Proposer

Motivated by innate entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Sandano embarked on his career at the age of 19, entering the dynamic world of real estate investments and quickly demonstrating remarkable sales skills.

In 2019 he founded Sandano Real Estate and the ReaSolutions brand, a company specialized in legal assistance and consultancy for over-indebtedness problems, which currently involves 12 highly specialized law firms in the branch of banking law and in over-indebtedness procedures. The company continued to grow and transformed in 2023 into the EXDEBITO brand, with plans to spread its proven methodology by offering opportunities for other entrepreneurs to open affiliated offices.

The parallel management of real estate investments and the protection of over-indebted subjects allows Michael to play the role of investor with a high ethical approach, freeing people from previous debt situations and presenting investors with unique opportunities such as margins and transaction security.

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