Minimum investment 250€
Capital collected
di 20.000€
Max 50.000€
DAL 9 % AL 13 % Annual Return
12 MONTHS Investment duration
COMMON.FROM € 250 9 %
COMMON.FROM € 490 10 %
COMMON.FROM € 980 11 %
COMMON.FROM € 2000 12 %
COMMON.FROM € 5000 13 %

The Project


After the success of the first project also in Genoa, House Evolution Srl is back. Among the founding partners, there is an established architect and a real estate consultant, both with over 25 years of experience, who have completed over 200 real estate transactions. For the series of proposers, the positive due diligence carried out (also taking into account the turnover of another company of theirs, OIKOS 2.0 srls), and above all for the important

historical achievement in the real estate field (see their presentation in DOCUMENTS), we believe this operation is very interesting for those who intend to invest in the famous Ligurian capital. Before investing, consult the DOCUMENTS and read the Contratto Generale.


The operation consists in the enhancement of a property which today is in its original state. The apartment is spread over an area of 90 square meters, the renovation project involves the redistribution of the spaces and the consequent remaking of the flooring and coverings as well as all the systems (thermal, electrical and hydraulic). Like all J&B branded enhancements, new and modern equipment will be installed, parquet flooring, PVC fixtures with high insulating power and an attention to detail and detail that will return a cover property. The new distribution of spaces.


House Evolution proposes its second project on the platform, with this operation the company wants to consolidate the idea of "design within everyone's reach". The goal is clear: to get known by insiders and investors to grow the project and take it through affiliation and training courses throughout Italy. The operation was found in a highly sought-after area of the city, we are located exactly between Sturla (tourist district overlooking the sea) and San Martino (known for its university faculties and convenient to all services) we are on a third floor of a building located in a very characteristic and colorful village that recalls the historic center of the city but which is actually just a few minutes from tourist resorts such as Boccadasse and Corso Italia.