Minimum investment 490€
Capital collected
di 20.000€
Max 50.000€
DAL 10 % AL 12 % Annual Return
12 MONTHS Investment duration
COMMON.FROM € 490 10 %
COMMON.FROM € 980 11 %
COMMON.FROM € 2000 12 %

The Project


The proponent is Leader House Srl, a company based in Milan and composed of experienced professionals who have already achieved excellent results always respecting the expected timeframes. 

Considering our positive due diligence on the company and and estimated sale time of 6 months declared by a local agency, we consider it to be a very interesting project for anyone wishing to invest in a property on the Isola d'Elba.


A complete renovation of the flat is planned. The property, on the ground floor of a 2-storey building above ground, has approximately 69 square metres of internal surface and 150 square metres of external surface. Work is planned to start at the end of July 2023, with completion by early September 2023.

In the DOCUMENTS section, a brochure presenting the project is also available, containing exhaustive and useful descriptions to better understand the intervention and the profitability of the initiative. 


The property in Rio nell'Elba is a bright three-room apartment, exposed on all sides, composed of a living room with kitchenette, a hallway, two bedrooms, a bathroom and an external storage room. The property also includes a large 150 sq m private garden and two garages of approx. 15 sq m each, all in a well-maintained building, including the common parts.

The renovation includes a complete renovation of the interior, with the partial demolition of some walls and the creation of new entrances to the rooms, new fixtures, windows, floors and walls. No structural works are required and the building shell does not need any intervention. 


Rio Elba is one of the island's oldest villages, with origins dating back to the Bronze Age, and preserves numerous traces of its past.

It was first mentioned in documents of 1260 with the name of Comune Rivi. The place name originates from the Latin rivus (torrent) for the watercourse that flows near the village and that operated numerous hydraulic mills.

Perched on a hilltop 180 metres above sea level, the village has a typical medieval town layout, with narrow alleys and flights of steps leading to picturesque little squares.

Like the other villages on the eastern side of the island it shares a mining tradition dating back to Etruscan times. The area remain an important mining centre until the closure of the deposits.

The municipality of Rio, in the province of Livorno, was established on 1 January 2018 through the merger of the neighbouring municipalities of Rio Marina and Rio nell'Elba. It has a population of 3,405 inhabitants. The city's municipal seat is in Rio Marina, with a second town hall in Rio nell'Elba where  council meetings are held and where the main citizen services are operated.

The municipality of Rio, with a surface area of 36.5188 km², includes the towns of Rio Marina, Rio nell'Elba, Cavo and Bagnaia, as well as the villages of Capo d'Arco, Nisporto, Nisportino and Ortano, and the islands of Cerboli and Palmaiola.

The Proposer

Leader House Srl, of which Gianni Opreni is the sole director, is a company that mainly deals with real estate buying and selling through the most common techniques used in this sector. 

Mission: Redevelop and enhance the existing residential real estate assets. Buying, Restructuring and Reselling, making a business a physiological process necessary for the improvement of the customer's quality of life. 

how does he manage to do it? With our own means or by collaborating with capital investors, including crowdfunding platforms, offering the best the real estate market has to offer. What do we mean by "better"? We mean a property that can be easily resold, quickly and with a high income, operating in areas where the real estate market is "bubbly", we'll take care of the rest, starting from restyling up to real estate marketing for resale. 

For more information, download the pdf presentation in the DOCUMENTS area.