Minimum investment 490€
Capital collected
di 25.000€
Max 70.000€
DAL 10 % AL 12 % Annual Return
12 MONTHS Investment duration
COMMON.FROM € 490 10 %
COMMON.FROM € 980 11 %
COMMON.FROM € 2000 12 %

The Project


The Proponent is Solutions Immobiliare Srl, a Milan-based company that is specialized in settlements in various regions of Italy and has successfully completed numerous real estate dealings, even by crowdfunding. In light of:

1) Our previous experience (of another Proponent) on a project in Massa that paid back on time.

2) That inspections about Solutions Immobiliare and its administrator Mauro Tuccitto were positive and without any prejudicial findings.

3) That the local agency rates the sale price correct and estimates its successful sale within 9 months.

Italy Crowd considers this project to be "LOW RISK." Please consult the DOCUMENTS and read the General Agreement before investing.


The property was alredy acquired by the Proponent at below-market price conditions and it wil be sold after a coplete renovation. Thereby the closeing price will permit a significant mark-up. The renovation includes: Electrical rewiring, plastering and shaving, flooring and tiling, decoration, sanitary fitting, final inspection and cleaning of the apartment. There will be act only the necessary steps to transform the property into a comfortable and modern home.


The three-room apartment is located at 70 Palestro Street in the historical center of Massa, limited to traffic but with enough parking places. In the neighborhood there are plenty of  services and activities: primary and secondary schools, pharmacies, banks, post office, and supermarkets. Just a few minutes away from the Apuan Alps and the famous town Versilia, in the region of Toscana. The bus stop is 200 m away, the station 2 km, and the highway 5 km away.

The Proposer

Solutions Immobiliare Srl, headed by Mauro Tuccitto, is a company that mainly deals in real estate flipping through the “short sale” (italian out of court settlement known as Saldo e Stralcio) and final settlement niche, trading in NPL and open Real Estate market.

Mauro's mission is upgrading and enhancing existing residential real estate assets and simultaneously help struggling Italian families. He operates by high-yield real estate transactions based on ethics, buying, renovating and reselling it through a proven process that is achieving solid results and great gratification.