Minimum investment 490€
Capital collected
di 25.000€
Max 80.000€
12,00 % Annual Return
12 MONTHS Investment duration

COSENZA: Historic building

With the project named COSENZA: Historic building, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to invest in the city with the highest livability index in southern Italy. This is a renovation of very attractive apartments as they are adjacent to the renowned pedestrian area of ​​Corso Mazzini.

To the investors of Italy Crowd is unavoidably reserved by the result of the sale, an interest of 12% in 12 months.
Interest begins to accrue from the day of the investment and not from the close of the round.


For its residents and for the entire urban hinterland, the city of Cosenza represents the place where you can have access to all the services you need. As shown by a recent ranking drawn up on Italian cities with the best livability index, Cosenza itself stands out among the cities of the south; this is because over the years there have been many investments in this direction.

Real estate market
The real estate market in Cosenza sees continuous innovation, precisely for the reasons mentioned above, in recent years, by taking advantage of the drop in prices, many are looking to buy a first home for business needs, some for investment "making income" and taking advantage of the growth of tourism, or of a second home to experience certain periods of the year in the city.
The most popular area of ​​the city is the one close to the pedestrian area of ​​Corso Mazzini.

The building
The building object of the renovation is located in via Del Tigrai 2, in a central area at 150 mt from the famous Corso Mazzini and in the immediate vicinity of all services.
The building dates back to the 1920s, and is spread over 3 floors above ground:
on the ground floor there are 2 commercial premises, not part of the renovation; an entrance door on the north side of the building which is accessed via the stairwell to the first and second floors.
The total renovation of the building involves the consolidation and reconstruction of the laminated wood floors, the roof and the facades; the replacement of external and internal fixtures; the construction of new water-electric systems based on current regulations and a new redistribution of the internal spaces by dividing the current 3 subs (2 first and one second floor) into 4 distinct units. The refurbishment works will be started in two phases, so that the first two apartments can be quickly sold, allowing to collect the capital to complete the other two.
The project will be embellished with 2 balcony basins in the apartments on the second floor which will offer an exclusive outdoor space in the city center.

Market valuation
The apartments in new buildings in the city center are sold from € 1,800 m2 to € 2,000 m2 and recent sales confirm that this value does not fluctuate.
For the 4 apartments, the valuation was made taking into account the street price of the area, of the properties currently on the market.
To speed up the sale, the price of the new apartments we offer ranges from € 1,750 to € 1,800 per square meter depending on the floor, exposure and view.

The Proponent

Armentano Nikolas began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 20 in the food & beverage sector in the family business, and then came to found and manage his own, again in the food & beverage sector.
In 2018 he also began operating in the real estate investment sector, successfully completing its first restructuring and sale operation the following year.
In 2019 he actively participated in the Reasolution project, an activity that operates in the Balance and Extract market.
In 2020 he founded BfB Real Estate LLC, of which he is Sole Director, with the aim of developing new and profitable real estate operations.

For the project named COSENZA: Historic building,, the structural designer is Eng. Francesco Ferro, who is also the construction manager.

Giordano Case Srl is the construction company that will carry out the total renovation

ISFIN Immobiliare Srl is the renowned real estate agency that holds the exclusive right to sell the apartments.


Operation number

- Property purchase € 35.000

- Renovation cost € 85.000

- Designing, municipal charges, miscellaneous € 20.347

Total cost € 138.347

Real estate units sale € 220.000

Total Revenue € 220.000

Gross profit of operation € 81.653, equivalent to a ROI of 59%