Real estate lending

Real estate crowdfunding is a digital financing method through which a promoter (construction company, public body, project developer, real estate agency ...) of an economic initiative asks for funds from a wide range of potential investors to start or complete his own project.

Since January 2015, Italy Crowd is the first real estate crowdfunding portal to operate in Italy. In May 2020, Italy Crowd gets a new look and launches the first native blockchain platform in Europe for real estate lending.

Investors can therefore safely lend their money to the promoter, who will return it with interests at the end of the agreed period. Since real estate lending made its appearance in Italy, all the operations carried out have been successful.

Your investments are safe

Italy Crowd allows you to invest easily and quicklyin real estate projects, through intuitive graphics and a dedicated control panel, you can keep under control the management of your investments at any time.

The reliability of the platform, the security of the Lemonway Payment Institute and the transparency of blockchain technology, represent our strengths.

Money transactions between your deposit account (wallet) and that of a project proponent are handled by Lemonway, a leading Payment Institute in Europe. Italy Crowd Co. Ltd. is authorized (see REGEFI register) to operate as an Agent no. 86982 of the Lemonway Payment Institute, in accordance with the provisions contained in Resolution no. 586 - 2016 of the Bank of Italy.

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The benefits of choosing Italy Crowd

Certified investments

Only the projects that have passed a first, strict selection, and a careful analysis by a team of experts in the real estate sector are entered on the platform. This allows your investment to be in line (but without guarantee) with the timing and returns indicated by the proposer. Furthermore, our blockchain technology makes everything safe and transparent.

Investments diversification

It is known that the safest strategy to mitigate risks is to diversify. With Italy Crowd you can choose how much and on which projects to invest, in this way you will be able to create a diversified portfolio.

Investment monitoring

Through your personal control panel (dashboard) you can visualize the progress of your investments at any time, receive updates and archive documents.

Real estate market

Joining and supporting our projects gives you the opportunity to enter the real estate sector and share your interests for investments in the real estate and innovative blockchain market.

Selected investors

It may happen that for some specific projects, Italy Crowd proposes investments reserved for the so-called "clusters", which means “selected investor users”, who are offered real estate initiatives that meet their specific needs.

Protagonist of crowdfunding

In the real estate sector, lending is the segment of crowdfunding that is registering the best performances and the largest number of projects. You too can be the protagonist of these initiatives.

Italy Crowd is for all

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