For those who still do not know, Blockchain is a shared and unalterable data structure. By definition, it is a digital register whose entries are grouped into blocks, concatenated in chronological order, and whose entire integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography.

This new aspect of transparency is considered by some to be a great asset which allows to verify and control the data recorded in the blocks, that have the characteristic of being unchangeable and, therefore, incorruptible.

The Blockchain technology is available thanks to our partner Swiss Crowd, a joint stock company under Swiss law, leader in the sector.

All the operations presented on the platform will be entered in a decentralized and unalterable register. The operation’s cadastral data and the loan conditions will be freely available in a specific section of the portal in a simple and free way.

Structured data

Improving the performance of the platform with modern features that promote data transparency for the benefit of the users is at the heart of our work.

Data of the loan’s object
  • - Complete cadastral data of the property

Accessible blockchain data